My Months Musts | June

Benefit | Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil Elle were giving away Benefits new eyebrow pencil with this months issue. I love this product, ...

Elle were giving away Benefits new eyebrow pencil with this months issue. I love this product, I'm not really great with dealing with my eyebrows, they have always been blonde and have never really been an issue so for a long time I left them alone. I always get my eyebrows waxed and tinted in my local benefit bar in Debenhams as they always do a really good job and I leave feeling like my face has completely changed (obviously for the better). This eyebrow pencil is so simple to use and is also so quick, sometimes I don't have a lot of time to spend on my make-up so this is a really handy pencil for a quick fill in especially when my tint is wearing off! 

I found the most amazing little tan lace up sandals from Warehouse and now I think I am obsessed with their shoes, I literally love everything on their website! They are real leather and only £12 in the sale now! These are the perfect sandals for holiday, I just really like how traditional and simple they are.

I saw other bloggers who had been sent these liquid lipsticks and instantly wanted the colour 'Praline' after seeing a swatch. The smell is insane, just like chocolate, it is tempting to eat! I have never had a metallic liquid lipstick before and was unsure of how it would suit me but I will wear this every night on holiday! 

LASULA | Metal Mouth Metallic Knit Crop Top Rose Gold

Probably one of my favourite beachwear pieces I have bought this year is from Lasula. It is a knit crop top but in a metallic rose gold shade and looks stunning on! It can be worn just with a bikini or paired with black jean shorts in the evening. It is also available in a khaki gold on their website. 

Rituals | The Ritual of Dao Body Scrub (Wai Wang)

In one of my previous Birchbox's (see last months here) I received Rituals' Wai Wang Body Scrub now known as The Ritual of Dao Body Scrub. The smell is amazing - organic white lotus and yi yi ren. I have such sensitive skin especially my legs but this doesn't seem to effect them. I have been using this for all of June because I am going on holiday in July and want a deeper tan. The exfoliator particles are really small so you do not need to use a lot of this product and it leaves your skin feeling super soft!

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  1. Everything is so pretty and lovely! I adore the sound of the liquid lipstick, I've never heard of that brand but everything about it sounds divine :D wishing you a lovely July! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)